(Tuesday - December 29, 2020) - Dickinson County Commissioner Kevin Pirlot (pictured left above) sat at his final County Board meeting on Monday, having lost his seat in the November election to Ann Martin (pictured right above), whom he defeated for the District two Commission seat in 2018. Pirlot is one of only two Democrats currently serving on the five-member board. The other is Commissioner John Degenaer, Jr., who represents District five.

In his final remarks to the Board, Pirlot said: "The two years did go by quite quickly. But I did enjoyed my time on the County Board and enjoyed working with all the commissioners and the staff. Everybody does a fantastic job."

Pirlot pointed out that the County has gotten a lot done in the past two years, including projects at Lake Antoine Park, the County fairground, the County airport and improvements at the Courthouse. Pirlot said that he was "proud to serve with all of you." He went on to say that while the board may disagree on National matters, "locally, we all work toward the same thing, serving the taxpayers."

Pirlot said that while he lost the election, he still won, getting to live on a small farm that the family purchased near Norway. Pirlot said he hopes to put up some greenhouses, and perhaps grow some vegetables. He concluded saying, "I'm not sure if I won or lost. I think it was a win-win situation all around, so we're going to enjoy having a little bit more time in our household."

All of his fellow Commissioners expressed their thanks to Pirlot for his two years of service on the Board.

Martin will assume her seat on January first, pretty much picking up where Pirlot leaves off.

The four commissioners who will remain on the Board were issued their oath of office by County Clerk Dolly cook. While the Board will not hold its organization meeting until January 4th, it was necessary to issue the oath of office at this time in the event that Board action might be needed before that organizational meeting.


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