(Monday - December 21, 2020) - The Iron Mountain City Council has given final approval to the construction of a new "Dunkin" store at 1001 S. Stephenson Avenue.

While the store will be located in an area zoned for such activity (East side of S. Stephenson Avenue - between F. & G. Streets) the company had requested a zoning variance to permit for the installation of a drive-thru facility. That variance was approved by the Council.

The only remaining question remains under discussion between the developers and the Michigan Department of Transportation as to whether the store will have access directly onto Stephenson Avenue (Highway US-2), or whether access will be via F. Street.

The action took place at the Council's regularly scheduled meeting. This meeting was held via the Zoom online meeting platform, due to the Covid-19 restrictions currently in place.

Earlier Story:

Dunkin, formerly known as Dunkin Donuts, will open a new facility in Iron Mountain in 2021, if all permitting and other regulatory applications are approved, as expected.

If all goes as planned, Dunkin will open a location on the East side of South Stephenson Avenue, between F and G Streets, at 1001 So Stephenson Avenue.

The City Council is expected to take the final step on Monday to allow a special use permit for a drive-thru at the new location. The matter has already been considered by the City's Planning Commission, which voted unanimously to approve the application.

In a statement provided to Dickinson County News today, Emily Kettinger, Real Estate Development Manager for TMart Operations and Dairyland Operations, doing business as Dunkin and Baskin Robbins said: "On Monday we have the final local municipality meeting in hopes of gaining formal approval of the project. After that we have one additional contingency that has to be waived before we are able to close on the property, which would hopefully take place in mid January. We'd like to have all of the approvals, permitting, plans, etc. in place so we could break ground right away in the Spring once the ground has thawed."

Ms. Kettinger went on to say, "We're excited to expand our presence in the UP and we feel Iron Mountain is a great fit for our brand. We really like this proposed location because it's right along the main thoroughfare in town, is close to numerous other thriving retailers and businesses, and is in close proximity to established residential areas. We currently operate forty-two restaurants across WI, northern MN, and the UP of MI, with commitments to open at least six more locations throughout 2021."

Kettinger said they look forward to serving guests in Iron Mountain, if all goes as planned, in the late summer or early fall of 2021.


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