(Tuesday - December 15, 2020) - While there was doubt for a while whether the County-owned Ford Airport would generate enough traffic this year to qualify for Federal Funding, that doubt was put to rest during November, when the airport passed the 10,000 boardings required to qualify.

Boardings are down drastically for the year, primarily as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the airport saw over 22,000 boardings.

Dickinson County Controller / Administrator Brian Bousley reported on the numbers on Monday, during the regular meeting of the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners.

Bousley said that with the 10,000 figure already having been achieved in November, December boardings will all be "gravy."

The airport receives supplemental funding under the EAS (Essential Air Services) program. The program is funded by fees assessed against airlines and passengers, and is intended to assist in maintaining viable air transport for less densely populated areas.


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