(Wednesday - December 09, 2020) - The City of Kingsford came one step closer on Monday, to adoption of an ordinance which would regulate "backyard storage" within the City, a move similar to one taken by the City of Iron Mountain.

The Kingsford ordinance, like the one adopted by Iron Mountain, would require that all residential storage units conform to neighborhood standards.

The major difference is that the Kingsford ordinance deals somewhat specifically with "shipping containers," which have become an increasingly common and cost-effective means of storage.

While the ordinance would not completely eliminate the use of shipping containers, it would drastically limit their use.

Following is the text of the proposed ordinance:

The Council is currently studying information gathered during a public hearing held during the Monday Council meeting, as well as other public input being received by members of the Council.

A decision on the matter could come at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, which will be held on December 20.


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