Lake Antoine Park -
Prepping for 2022 Summer Season
(Tuesday - November 23, 2021) - While the cold weather may draw our minds away from things such as swimming and camping, County officials remain hard at work, preparing the Lake Antoine Park for the 2022 Summer season.

While the park was open this past summer and many of the normal activities did go on, the campground was shut down due to water problems. The shutdown foiled many vacation plans, and cost the County considerable revenue, since the camping fees are the primary source of income for the park.

Starting a new page for 2022

That now appears to be behind us. All of the water lines have been replaced, and the County is now working to secure the water supply. Fortunately, the park will be able to make use of a well drilled a number of years ago, then abandoned. County Controller/Administrator Brian Bousley said that the water has been tested by the health department, and has tested safe for use, and of sufficient volume to serve the park's needs.

Rather than dig the park up again, workers will bore underground from the well site, to a "yet to be constructed" pump house. That will be located in the general area of the bath house.

Previously, the park received its water from an artesian well. It was the failure of the 1,700 foot water line from the Artesian well site to the park's supply lines was the primary cause of the failure. While officials had hoped to continue using the Artesian well water, the cost of constructing the feed line proved to be much higher than anticipated.

Reservation system being worked on

The County is facing a practical deadline of January 2, 2022 to set up a reservations system for the park camping grounds for the upcoming camping season. Controller Bousley said that he is currently looking into several system, hoping to find one that will cost the County less in processing fees. He expects to have a recommendation for the Board at its next meeting.

County Board Chairman Henry Wender (R-Dist 4) said several weeks ago that the County has now invested nearly half a million dollars in repairs and improvements to the park.