Former Oliva's Market property to be deeded
to County Land Bank
(Tuesday - November 16, 2021) - The Iron Mountain City Council on Monday voted to object to the transfer of the former Oliva's Market property to the City of Iron Mountain, choosing instead to have the title remain with Dickinson County. The County became the owner of the property when it was foreclosed upon for non-payment of taxes. Since then, the County has attempted unsuccessfully to sell the property at two auctions. The next step would have been to deed it to the City, unless the City were to object, as they did.

Mayor Dale Alessandrini said that he would like to see the property demolished as soon as possible, as it is a blight on the neighborhood. City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that it could take several years for any remediation of the property once the title is given to the County Land Bank. However, Stanchina also reported that the City would have the right to retrieve the property from the Land Bank, if the process becomes overly lengthy.

The problem with the property, according to Manager Stanchina, is that is contains hazardous materials which will have to be remediated before the property can be demolished. This turns what might have normally been a ten to fifteen thousand dollar demolition into a pricey $55,000+ project.

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