State will assist an additional 105,000 children in Michigan with Child Care
(Monday - November 15, 2021) - Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced that additional State-assisted childcare funding has been expanded in the recently signed State budget. According to the Governor, the funds will assist up to 105,000 additional children. The legislation provides free or low-cost child care for families of four, earning up to $49,000.

In a news release, Governor Whitmer said: "We need to continue working hard to drive down costs for families and expand access to high-quality, affordable childcare so parents can go to work knowing that their kids are safe and learning, I was proud to put childcare first in the bipartisan budget I signed in September. Together, we lowered costs for working families by expanding low or no-cost care to 105,000 kids and providing grants to improve childcare programs and empower childcare professionals."

It was also announced that family contributions are being waived until September of next year. This will further lift the child care burden on many eleigible families.

Should help free up the workforce

“Workforce shortages have become the top concern among most small business owners. Providing support to Michigan families for quality childcare will make it possible for more parents to reenter and stay in the workforce,” Small Business Association of Michigan Brian Calley said in a release. “This bipartisan initiative to remove barriers to employment will to be a game-changer for many Michigan families."

Eligible families must apply to receive the childcare. They must be income-eligible, have a child under the age of 12 and have an eligible need.
to apply.