Rezoning of property near Moon Lake
denied by City Council
(Monday - November 15, 2021) - A new flat-screen television set installed in the Iron Mountain Council Chambers is proving to be a valuable tool. The display, with City Manager Jordan Stanchina at the helm, is able to display pertinent information to everyone in the room, simultaneously.

The display proved especially valuable at the Monday night meeting, during a public hearing on a zoning proposal.

The application for the rezoning from Residential-1 to Industrial-1 of 6.5 acres to the South of Moon Lake was submitted to the City by Daniel Mitchell, to allow for development of a storage facility.

A series of area residents addressed the Council, objecting to the proposed rezoning. The lineup of objectors was led by former Iron Mountain City Attorney and former Dickinson County Prosecutor and Circuit Judge, Francis D. Brouillette. Brouillette is, as are many of the other objectors, a resident of Sunset Drive, located adjacent to Moon Lake. While several of the objectors said that they had no objection to a storage facility, once the property is rezoned, there is no going back, meaning that in the future it could be used for industrial purposes.

The only ones who spoke in favor of the rezoning were the applicant, Daniel Mitchell, and a potential developer, Dennis Olson. Mitchell told the Council that he had no desire to upset his neighbors, but that he felt that the rezoning would help him sell the property, something he has been unable to do thus far.

Following a lengthy discussion, and based in part by a recommendation not to grant the request by Zoning Administrator, City Clerk/Treasurer, Isaac Micheau, the Council voted not to approve the rezoning request.

I took two votes to achieve the refusal. The process began with a motion by Council Member Ken Clawson to grant the rezoning application. That motion died on the floor, after not receiving a second. The second motion, submitted by Council Member Pam Maule, called for denial of the application. That motion prevailed six to one, with Clawson voting against it.

The new TV display proved its worth during the lengthy rezoning discussion, allowing all of the different parcels in question to be displayed to the entire council and audience simultaneously. There is no doubt that it added greatly to the ability of everyone present to understand the issue.

(Shown in the photo above, left to right:  City Clerk/Treasurer, Isaac Micheau; Mayor Dale Alessandrini; and City Manager, Jordan Stanchina)