Sister City

(Iron Mountain - November 06, 2018) - In September of 2016, Iron Mountain and Sassoferrato, Italy adopted each other as "sister cities."

Until recently, the only contact between the two sisters had been written and on the internet.

That all changed on October 28th, when Mayor Dale Alessandrini and Mayor Ugo Pesciarelli shook hands for the first time on the streets of Rome, Italy.

While planning a family trip to Italy, Mayor Alessandrini decided to contact Mayor Pesciarelli in hopes of setting up a meeting. Mayor Pesciarelli enthusiastically accepted Mayor Alessandrini's proposal, and the two were able to set up a meeting midway between their two locations, in Rome. Mayor Alessandrini said he had a two hour train ride, while Mayor Pesciarelli had a similar drive. The two are pictured above in front of Palazzo del Quirinale, which is the Italian equivalent of our White House.

Mayor Alessandrini said that they had originally planned about a two hour meeting, but that it actually extended to over four hours, as Mayor Pesciarelli and his party gave him and his party a guided tour of the ancient city.

Mayor Alessandrini said they spoke of many things, including closer ties, cultural exchanges and tourism. But most notable was Mayor Pesciarelli's desire to return the courtesy by visiting Iron Mountain.

Prior to the trip, Mayor Alessandrini had downloaded a "translator" app, expecting language issues. However, one member of Mayor Pesciarelli's party spoke fluent English, and the Mayor himself is able to speak broken English.

No timetable has been set for Mayor Pesciarelli's visit. Unlike here, in Sassoferrato, the Mayor actually handles the day-to-day operations of the city government.

Mayor Alessandrini reported on his trip to the City Council at its regular meeting on Monday evening. The meeting was conducted at no cost to the taxpayers of Iron Mountain.