Council gives approval to "Green Burials"
in Cemetery Park
(Monday - November 01, 2021) - The Iron Mountain City Council has approved setting aside a portion of Cemetery Park for "green burials," and has adopted a set of rules and regulations governing such burials.

"Green burials" will be allowed only in that portion of Cemetery Park which has been designated for that purpose.

The fees for the "green burials" will actually be higher than those for a regular burial in the park, due to the additional duties that must be performed by City employees. In a traditional burial, many of these duties are carried out by third parties.

Additional fees will be assessed if the burial must take place on a weekend or a holiday. Unlike in a traditional burial, where the body has been embalmed, the unembalmed bodies must be buried soon after death.

All fees must be paid before the burial can take place.

Only biodegradable burial shrouds or caskets may be used.

All digging, refilling, etc. will be performed by City employees, though family members may, at the discretion of the caretaker, take a ceremonial role in these duties.

No plaques, stones, or other memorials will be permitted on the graves, though there will likely be a central plaque installed upon which the names of the deceased may be placed.

While the more environmentally conscious "green burials" are becoming somewhat of a trend, City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that based on Marquette's experience, he does not expect that the facility will get a whole lot of use.

The Council's action becomes effective immediately.