Taxable property in Dickinson County increases
by 17 million dollars
(Tuesday - October 26, 2021) - The taxable value of all property in Dickinson County increased by more than 17 million dollars last year, despite setbacks brought on by State Tax Tribunal rulings.

Matthew Baumgartner, Dickinson County's Equalization Director, appeared before the County Board of Commissioners on Monday, to deliver his annual "apportionment" report. This is a report detailing the taxable value of all property in the County. It is on this report that all tax supported agencies and commissions rely, in order to determine revenue for the next budget year.

According to Baumgartner's report, 54% ($506,068,874) of all taxable property in the County is located in the seven townships, with the remainder located in the three cities.

Of the townships, the Charter Township of Breitung is by far the wealthiest, so far as property values are concerned with a whopping $268,845,204 in taxable value.

Taxable value by unit of government:
Township Total Value Real Property Personal Property
Breen $22,060,110 $19,461,610 $2,598,500
Breitung $268,845,204 $228,845,204 $40,007,400
Felch $37,619,590 $31,085,700 $6,533,890
Norway $61,426,022 $59,098,922 $2,327,100
Sagola $54,671,964 $47,991,664 $6,680,300
Waucedah $49,381,868 $46,284,268 $3,097,600
West Branch $9,056,716 $7,354,016 $1,702,700
City Total Value Real Property Personal Property
Iron Mountain $221,622,609 $196,207,509 $25,415,100
Kingsford $131,326,392 $124,442,892 $6,883,500
Norway $58,129,879 $56,461,179 $1,668,700

The equalization director indicated that the increases came from a combination of new construction, and increases in the CPI (Consumer Price Index). Baumgartner warned of further actions pending before the State Tax Tribunal, which, if granted, would further erode the County's tax base. Baumgartner said that there are at lease five new appeals pending before the tribunal.

The increased tax base is expected to raise an additional $102,000 for County operations.