Jail again nearing capacity as arrests increase in Dickinson County
(Sunday - October 24, 2021) - Despite State-wide efforts to reduce the number of physical arrests and incarcerations, Dickinson County appears to again be earning its reputation as the place where you arrive on vacation, and leave on probation.

According to the monthly report issued to the County Board of Commissioners by Sheriff Scott Rutter, the average daily population of the jail during the month of September was 70 inmates. The listed capacity of the facility is 72 inmates, though in the past it has not been unusual for the census to blow past that number, often incarcerating over 80 prisoners.

Locking people up is not an inexpensive hobby. It currently costs Dickinson County taxpayers in excess of fifty dollars per day to house each prisoner; or in the case of the September figures, more than one-hundred thousand dollars for the month.

In other matters, Sheriff Rutter reported:

The County Road Patrol:

Served 152 civil process papers
Investigated 99 complaints
Handled 18 accidents
Issued 27 citations and 76 verbal warnings
Made 19 arrests, seven of them on outstanding warrants
Performed 119 property checks
Transported seven inmates

The 911 Emergency Dispatch Center:

handled 781 911 calls, and 2,833 non-911 calls
answered 1,812 calls for other law enforcement agencies; 529 calls for ambulance service, and 134 calls for fire service.