County Commissioner slams State redistricting commission, calling actions "capricious."
(Tuesday - October 12, 2021) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners on Monday took a stand against the proposed redistricting plan put forward by the redistricting commission. In the past, the State Legislative and Congressional districts were determined by the legislature, which often led to what is called "political gerrymandering." The current commission was formed after Michigan voters passed an initiative, calling for "citizen" control of the redistricting process. At present the 15 member board is comprised of five Republicans, five Democrats, and five citizens selected from a pool of names submitted during the selection process.

U.P. not represented on redistricting panel

According to Commissioner Barb Kramer (R-Dist 3), there are no Upper Peninsula residents on the Commission. All U.P. applicants were rejected. Kramer said "We have been disenfranchised."

Kramer said the boundary lines, as submitted, are so arbitrary and confusing, that "now looking at this, if I was in my kitchen, I'd be in the 10th, and I moved to my living room I'd be in the 108th. That's kind of how stupid this is." Kramer called the commission's actions "capricious."

Dickinson County to be split in two

The impact on Dickinson County would be huge, splitting the County in two, assigning part of the 109th and the remainder to the 110th. This would diminish Dickinson County in a number of ways, including: dilution of the County's vote in Legislative elections, and giving Dickinson County far less influence in the minds of the Legislators.

The County could end up in a position of totally cancelling itself out, in the event that part of the County were to be represented by a Republican, with the other part of the County being represented by a Democrat.

Kramer concluded: "There is still time for comments but they will be making their decisions very soon. So if anyone wants to make a comment. I would strongly suggest that you do so because this is not something that Dickinson county needs or wants."
Citizens can comment on the proposed redistricting plan at:

The summary of the resolution adopted by the Board reads:

"Now, therefor be it resolved, that the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners opposes any action initiated by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to divide Dickinson County, Michigan between two house districts." Copies of the resolution will be forwarded to the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, to the County's current elected representatives in the Michigan Legislature and the United States Congress, and to the Governor of Michigan.