Staff illnesses force closure of Norway-Vulcan High School - School seeking substitute teachers
(Monday - October 11, 2021) - An unusually high rate of illness among Norway-Vulcan's High School teaching staff forced the closure of the school today (Monday). According to the school's Facebook page, the problem is compounded by the inability to retain substitute teachers to faill the void.

School officials stress that this closure affects only the High School. Other classes will be held as they normally are.

Norway-Vulcan schools have issued an appeal, asking that qualified substitute teachers contact them, if they would be willing to help fill this shortage. Call (906) 563-9552 if you are interested.

In related developments, today's volleyball game at Escanaba has been cancelled. It will not be rescheduled. Also,The home Cross Country meet scheduled for today will take place as planned with a 3:30 start at the Dickinson Country Fairgrounds.

The illnesses in question have not been identified.