Monday's County Board of Commissioners meeting - items of interest
(Sunday - September 26, 2021) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners will hold one of their two regularly scheduled monthly meetings on Monday. The meeting will be held beginning at 6:00 PM, in the Circuit Courtroom of the Dickinson County Courthouse.

Items of interest on Monday's agenda:

A resolution to eliminate the $13,074.00 Ford Airport debt. This is simply a "housekeeping" procedure.

An update from the County's Deputy Emergency Management Director, Peter Schlitt.

Consideration of the County's check register dated September 9 - September 23, in the amount of $1,619,018.61.

Consideration of the County's fiscal year 2022 budget calendar.

A request from the Sagola Township Senior Citizens Site Council for the 4th quarter allocation in the amount of $6,250.00.

An amendment to the agreement between Dickinson County and Summit Food Services, LLC., for the feeding of prisoners in the County jail.

A request from DICSA for their 4th quarter allocation in the amount of $69,066.00.

These meetings are open to the public, and time is allocated near the beginning and end of each meeting for public input.

This meeting will also be available via the Zoom online meeting platform:

Meeting ID: 874 3910 9752
Passcode: 405762
Dial In: 1 312 626 6799
Meeting ID and Passcode same as above