A sign of the times - TSA explosives scanner to be installed at Dickinson County's Ford Airport
(Monday - September 13, 2021 - 22:05) - County officials will immediately begin seeking bids for an unexpected construction project at the County-owned Ford Airport.

The construction will facilitate the installation of an explosives scanner (similar to the one pictured above) at the airport. Once installed, all passenger luggage will be scanned for explosives, before being loaded onto the aircraft.

County Controller / Administrator Brian Bously broke the news to the County Board at its regular meeting on Monday.

It appears that the County has little choice in the matter. While the scanner itself will be provided free of charge to the County, it is the County's responsibility to provide a site where it can be installed.

Bousley said that the installation will require the moving of a wall, and hopefully will not be a major project.

The device is approximately twelve feet long and four feet wide.

Bousley said the TSA wants the device installed no later than February of next year.