Systems Control union to vote
on new contract next week

(Thursday - August 26, 2021) - Members of local 2221 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are scheduled to vote next Wednesday, on a new four-year contract being offered by the company, Systems Control, of Iron Mountain.

Members of the union will meet next Monday and Tuesday, to review the details of the proposed contract.

Among the offerings in this latest proposal are: pay increases as follows - 3.8% in the first year, 3.1% in years two and three, and 3.3% in year four, with 31 cents going into the employees health and welfare fund. The company will make additional $200.00 payments into each of the employee's Health and Welfare accounts.

Another point of contention is the use of sub-contractors for work that could be performed by employees, who claim that the sub-contractors are paid at much higher rates than the union employees.

We have only received highlights of the proposal. Union members will be informed in far greater detail at the meetings next week.

The vote on whether to accept the proposed contract will take place next Wednesday. The company will allow one-half hour for each employee to cast their vote. Workers on the first shift will be allowed to vote, with pay, during the last half-hour of their shift. Workers on the second shift will be allowed to vote, with pay, during the first half hour of their shift.

Yesterday's meeting involved:  Company representatives Adam Degroot (Plant manager) and Bridgett Kennedy, head of the Company's Human Resources department.   The union was represented by the local's president, Karen Farell, and IBEW's international representative, Bob Kershner, as well as the local's financial secretary and negotiating team member.

While we consider our source for this information to be informed and reliable, Dickinson County News has not been able to independently verify this information.

We have reached out to Systems Control to afford them an opportunity to state their position. Thus far we have had no reply.

Should the union reject the proposed contract, there is the distinct possibility of a strike vote to follow. If Local 2221 were to go on strike, it would likely cause all activities on the large industrial campus to shut down, since union members traditionally respect picket lines of other unions.

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