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(April 26, 2019) - First, let's make two things perfectly clear. (1) Justin could have packed up and gone back to Colorado at any time during the last seven months. There is no chance that Colorado would have agreed to his extradition on these charges, and certainly not to Dickinson County. But he didn't. He stayed here and faced the charges like a man. Perhaps that was a big mistake. (2) This story was never about Justin. Justin just had the courage to stand up and become the poster boy for a system that has become absolutely corrupted by money and power. Justin never believed that this would help him. To the contrary, he feared that the system might seek retribution against him. Without Justin, there would have been no possibility of opening this door.

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Justin's friends have set up a "go fund me account," to help Justin escape Dickinson County's clutches after he serves his sentence.

If you have not read Justin's full story, you can do so at this link:  www.dickinsoncounty.news/041419_justin.htm.

Justin is now serving his sentence in the Dickinson County Jail.
But, what passes for justice in Dickinson County, is nowhere near ready to release him from it's clutches.

As we indicated in the original story; fearing that his MS symptoms were returning, Justin did sneak Cannabis at one point. At one point Justin said his thumb was getting numb. To quote him, "I know what that means." He got caught, and will be sentenced on that charge at the beginning of next month.

But that's just the beginning. In addition to his jail time, Justin is facing $1,595 in fines and costs. But even that doesn't end there. He will be charged a daily fee while in jail, as well as daily maintenance charges during the five months that he's on probation. He will not be released from probation until all of this is paid, which could keep him here, deprived of humane treatment for both of his life-threatening diseases.

But hold on. That's not the end. Since they have taken his driver's license away, he has no way to get back to Colorado, other than commercial transportation. But that will require him to pay to ship his belongings to Colorado.

Justin stepped forward for one reason. To help. This is something that he does. In Colorado, he volunteered to work with troubled veterans such as himself. In Dickinson County, he volunteered to help rip the cover off of the law enforcement and judicial tyranny which is destroying the County.

Now he needs your help.

You can help Justin in two ways.

1. By donating to the "go fund me" account set up by Justin's friends. Any amount will be appreciated, and will help him get back to his beloved Colorado, and the volunteer work he does there. Click on this link to view the "go fund me site" and make your donation: https://www.gofundme.com/friends-of-justin

2. By expressing your support for Justin to Governor Whitmer. Click on this link to go to the Governor's web site: https://www.michigan.gov/Whitmer

This is your chance to help someone who has been seriously wronged by what passes for justice in Dickinson County. Please help to right that wrong.

Editorial Commentary by DCNews Online Editor, Dave Lee

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