(Tuesday - April 06, 2021) - Area fire departments combined forces this (Tuesday) morning, to fight a fire on Iron Mountain's Northside, at 408 Vulcan Street.

Following is the news release issued by the Iron Mountain Fire Department:

On 04/06/21 at 01:44 AM, the Iron Mountain Fire Department responded to the report of a possible structure fire at 408 Vulcan Street, in the City of Iron Mountain.

Engine 2201 with an initial crew of 3 firefighters and a fire officers arrive on the scene within three minutes of the call and found a singe-story residential home with heavy smoke conditions throughout the entire structure and the roof/attic area. At this time the duty officer requested a recall of all off-duty firefighters for a working residential structure fir and mutual aid from Breitung Township Fire Department for manpower.

The crew stretched two 1 3/4 hose lines to initiate an aggressive attack on the fire while the engineer secured a water supply from a hydrant with 100' of 5" larger diameter supply hose to support fire suppression operations.

Multiple hose lines were used to start extinguishing the fire located throughout the structure.

Ladder 2216 arrived with a crew of two, approximately 12 minutes after the initial dispatch with the first members of the Breitung Township Fire Department arriving shortly after. Breitung Township supplied an engine (491), eight firefighters and a Chief officer, who joined Iron Mountain Fire Departments incident commander. Iron Mountain Fire Departments unit 2232, with one firefighter, arrived at the scene at this time.

All residents were reported to be out of the building on fire department's arrival. However, both occupants of the home were transported by Integrity Care EMS for smoke inhalation. While some of the family's pets were placed with a neighbor there was a loss of other pets at this incident.

The firs was declared out at 03:02 AM and crews would be taking care of some hot spots in the structure. All crews cleared the scene at 5:00 AM.

A total of 16 firefighters from two departments, manning two engines, one ladder truck and a utility pickup responded to the scene.

Assist at the scene were officers from the Iron Mountain Police Department, the Breitung Township Fire Department, integrity care EMS, WE Energies and DTE.

Damage is initially estimated at $12,000 to the structure and contents. The house is currently uninhabitable due to the heat and smoke damage throughout  the structure.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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