(Monday - March 29, 2021) - The Iron Mountain City Council, meeting in special session on Monday evening, gave final approval to a resolution which, if all goes well, will result in funding for the improvement and expansion of the Pewabic Hill bike trails.

The special session became necessary, when City officials, working in conjunction with the sponsoring organization, the Dickinson Trail Network, were unable to complete all of the paperwork necessary prior to the Council's last regular meeting. The deadline for the application is April 1st.

The Council also approved a 20 year pact with DTN for maintenance of the trail network. The maintenance agreement will become part of the application process.

As a result of this agreement, all maintenance work on the trails will be performed by volunteers, representing the Dickinson Trail Network. The City assumes no responsibility for the maintenance of the system.

WHEREAS, the City of Iron Mountain supports the submission of an application titled, "Pewabic Mountain Bike Trails" to the Trust Fund Grant Program for the development of Mountain Bike Trail Network at Pewabic Hill, and,

WHEREAS, the proposed application is supported by the Community's five year Approved Parks and Recreation Plan, and

WHEREAS, the City of Iron Mountain is hereby making a financial commitment to the project in the amount of $15,000 matching funds, will be in-kind contribution through site development of parking lot and other amenities, and

WHEREAS, if the grant is awarded the applicant commits its local match and donated amounts from the Dickinson Trail Network in the amount of $64,000.00.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Iron Mountain hereby authorized submission of a Trust Fund Grant Application for $183,200 , and further resolves to make available a local match through financial commitment and donation(s) of $79,000 (30%) of a total $262,200 project cost, during the fiscal year 2021-2022.

Dated, March 20, 2021


Due to time constraints, the current application does not make provisions for connection to other existing trail systems. However, City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that this is something that he will continue working on, and hopes to have a working proposal within the next six months.

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