(Tuesday - March 23, 2021) - The Dickinson County Sheriff's Department road patrol handled the service of 158 civil process papers, investigated 86 complaints and handled 21 accidents during the month of February, according to the report issued on Monday by Sheriff Scott Rutter, to the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners.

Other duties performed by the road patrol included: the issuance of 28 citations and 96 verbal warnings; 19 arrests, four of them on outstanding warrants; handled 162 property checks, and transported two prisoners, one to Green Bay and the other to Sault St. Marie.

Jail census remains low

According to the Sheriff, 43 prisoners were booked into the Dickinson County jail during the month. This is drastically lower than the numbers before the Coronavirus Pandemic. Previously, monthly bookings often exceeded 100. The average daily census at the jail during February was 48 inmates, well below the jail's rated capacity of 72 prisoners.

The enhanced 911 dispatch center handled:

592 911 calls
2,611 Non 911 calls
1,557 Calls for other law enforcement agencies
445 Calls for ambulance service
73 Calls for fire service

Sheriff's work van remains sidelined:

The Sheriff's Work Van, which provides an opportunity for trusted, non-violent prisoners to perform community-based work outside of the jail, has been sidelined as a precaution since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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