(Tuesday - March 23, 2021) - Dickinson County officials are still waiting for word on when they will receive the nearly five million dollars that they have been promised, as part of the Federal Covid-19 recovery effort.

The promised funds are the result of provisions of the Covid-19 emergency funding act signed into law by President Biden.

The actual amount to be received by Dickinson County is $4,938,613.

Other Upper Peninsula Counties

In total, Upper Peninsula counties will receive in excess of 56 million dollars.

The largest grant will go to the U.P.'s largest county, Marquette, with $13,051,253. The smallest of the grants will go to Keweenaw County, $414,046
Menominee County will receive $4,457,451, and Iron County, $2,165,327.

How will the money be used?

The problem at this point is that nobody is exactly sure how the counties will be able to use the money, though County Controller Brian Bousley said that it definitely cannot be used to pay down the County's retirement debt, which currently stands at over 40 million dollars.

When further information is received as to exactly what restrictions will be placed on the use of the money, the County will begin planning projects that will fit within the permitted parameters.

The money must be spent by the year 2024.

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