(Tuesday - March 23, 2021) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners on Monday approved all of the eleven requests that appeared on the meeting agenda.

Approved by unanimous Board vote were:

- The appointment of Missy Berger as Clerk for the Dickinson County Road Commission.

- Approved a letter expressing Dickinson County's concern for the growing road salt monopoly in the State.

- Approved the County's eligibility to receive surplus Federal property.

- Approved a request by the Lake Antoine Park Partners to hold work bees at the Lake Antoine Park on Saturday, May 15, and again on Saturday, May 22.

- Approved the scheduling of the annual meeting of the Lake Antoine Park Partners.

- Approved the holding of the Lake Antoine Park Partners Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the park on August 5.

- Approved the purchase of a 2014 Ram SSVLE truck from the USDA in the amount of $2,500. The truck will be used by the Courthouse, Grounds and Parks Department.

- Approved a request by the County Clerk to fill a full-time vacancy in her department.

- Approved a request by Chief Circuit Judge Barglind to advertise for the full-time position of court reporter, which will soon become vacant due to a retirement.

- Approved the 2nd quarter payment request to the Sagola Senior Center in the amount of $6,250.00.

- Approved the 1st quarter payment to the Felch Senior Center in the amount of $1,562.50.

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