(Monday - March 22, 2021) - Iron Mountain's Mayor Dale Alessandrini (Pictured left above) addressed the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners on Monday evening, hoping to set the record straight regarding the water situation at the City's Cemetery Park.

The Mayor was reacting to an op-ed article written by County Commissioner Barbara Kramer (Pictured right above), and published in the Daily News.

Last week, Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina reported to the City Council on the sad condition of the underground plumbing at the cemetery, resulting in the loss of well over a million gallons of water each summer.

In writing her op-ed, Commissioner Kramer apparently mistakenly assumed that a decision had been made to turn the water off at the cemetery. This was not the case, said the Mayor. He said that the Council in fact never officially considered the matter, and took no action on it.

The Mayor told the County Board that there are a number of options being considered. He said the deteriorating condition of the hundred-plus year-old plumbing is a problem that they are trying to deal with. He said one option being considered, which he favors, would be to allow the water to run during the day, but turning it off at night to avoid excess leakage.

Mayor Alessandrini pointed out that the City does not realize any profit from the operation of the cemetery. In fact, he called it a "very expensive" operation.

The Council is likely to consider the matter and take some form of action sooner rather than later, as the planting season is almost upon us.

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