(Tuesday - March 16, 2021) - Iron Mountain's Cemetery Park was established in 1901, and much of the underground plumbing likely dates back to that era. There have been some modifications and numerous additions to the system over the years, leaving a maze of underground piping, the exact location of which is hard to determine in some cases.

Supervisor of the City's Public Works Department, Scott Thomas, said there are so many leaks that even trying to locate them has proved impossible.

The amount of water being lost is significant. Here are the figures for last season:

May - 247,500 gallons
June - 255,750 gallons
July - 329,250 gallons
August - 304,500 gallons
September - 362,250 gallons

City Manager Jordan Stanchina said the average monthly cost of delivering this water is about $1,500.

No one has speculated as to where all of that water may be going.

We asked Stanchina if any estimates are available as to what it might cost to replace the system. He said they have not reached that stage yet. He said nobody seems sure how much pipe there may be underground at the cemetery. He indicated that estimates run as high as three miles.

Alternate methods of making water available for watering of plants, etc., are under consideration. One possibility is making water available at the cemetery office.

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