(Monday - March 15, 2021) - In November of last year, heavy equipment brought down what was at one time part of the railroad shipping infrastructure, and later the Timbers Motor Lodge, in downtown Iron Mountain.

The property had been purchased a year earlier. As of this time, there is now word on what type of development will occupy that property.

While City officials are unable to release any information at this point in the negotiations, it is apparent that this will be a major development, since the developers requested, and were granted, a zoning variance to permit up to a five or six story building.

It is not unusual for city officials to be "sworn to secrecy" at this stage in a major development. As the saying goes, "those who are talking don't know, and those who know aren't talking."

Council members on Monday, without disclosing any further information, urged City Manager Jordan Stanchina, who has been working with the developers, to "make it happen."

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