(Tuesday - March 09, 2021) - According to information released at the Monday meeting of the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners, Senior Centers within the County could be reopening within the next thirty days, assuming that all are able to pass the State-mandated inspections.

According to Commissioner Ann Martin (R-Dist 2), the facilities have passed their initial inspections, and are now awaiting inspection by UPCAP and by the health department. Hopefully, this can all be completed within the next 30 days, allowing activities to resume at the centers. Reopening of these facilities is now permitted under the revised Covid-19 restrictions. However, all Covid safety measures will need to be in place.

Meanwhile, County Controller / Administrator Brian Bousley reported that he met with the representatives of the Iron Mountain Senior Center, and they are prepared to proceed with the purchase of the facility. Bousley said he expects to have everything in place for possible Board action at the next meeting, to be held on March 22nd.

Bousley said that all of the necessary improvements are nearing completion. He said everything at the center appears to be progressing smoothly.

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