(Tuesday - March 09, 2021) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners resumed meeting in-person on Monday, after the relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions put in place nearly a year ago. The meeting was also available to the public via the Zoom online meeting platform.

While the agenda was one of the longest seen in some time, the Board moved through it very quickly, approving all of the items listed for consideration.

The Board approved:

- A resolution honoring retired County Clerk Dolly Cook.

- A resolution regarding the use of E911 surcharge fees.  The resolution opposes additional restrictions placed on use of these funds by the FCC.

- Bills and payroll in the amount of $1,440,533.64.

- The first quarter payment to the Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency (DICSA) in the amount of $69,066.00.

- An agreement for professional consultant services with Prein & Newhoff, regarding MDOT No. 210329 in the amount of $24,783.

- An agreement for professional engineering service (P&N#2210282) regarding the ARFF truck acquisition for the Ford Airport in the amount of $18,177.69.

- An operating agreement with International Air Charters, Inc.

- An operating agreement with Classic Aero Maintenance, LLC.

- The appointment of the new County Clerk as the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

- The addition of two committee members to serve on the Veterans' Affairs Committee. This action increases the size of the committee from five to seven members.

- Changes to the Veterans' Affairs Committee by-laws. These changes deal primarily with the expansion of the committee's governing board.

- A contract between Dickinson County and the Medical Care Coalition & Prescription Assistance program for Dickinson and Iron counties. This contract is to perform the services outlined in the Healthcare Benefits Assistance millage passed in November of 2020. This is a joint effort between Dickinson and Iron Counties.

- Appointment of Gene Carollo to the County Planning Commission. Carollo was the only applicant for the position.

- A proposal to permit the Dickinson Trail Network permission to "scout" a county-owned land parcel to the West of the Pine Mountain ski jump, for potential trail development. Should the study prove favorable for trail development, the matter will be brought to the Board for further consideration.

- Amendments to the Covid-19 screening procedures for individuals entering the Dickinson County Courthouse. This will allow additional activity, primarily in the courts. Masking and social distancing guidelines will remain in place.

- Temporary personnel policy for Covid-related leave.

- The re-appointment of Dr. Martin Cristanelli as the Dickinson County Medical Examiner until March 21, of 2023. While Dr. Cristanelli is no longer located in Dickinson County, he remains the only qualified pathologist willing to accept the position.

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