(Tuesday - March 02, 2021) - One of the more expensive duties of a municipality in a snow zone is keeping the streets safe for the driving public. Not only is the equipment that is used for things like plowing snow extremely expensive, but due to the nature of this endeavor, those doing the work are usually called on to work overtime to do so. Add to this the cost of the tons of road salt that must be used, the maintenance on equipment, the fuel used by the trucks and the many other expenses involved, and snow removal and road treatment take a huge bite out of any municipality's budget.

This year, municipalities in this region got a break, with lower than normal snowfall. While some worry that we may be in a snow draught, and that this could cause other ramifications later; it is a blessing for cash strapped cities, townships and counties throughout the snow region.

Scott Thomas, Superintendent of Iron Mountain's Public Works Department told the City Council at its Monday meeting, that as of December 31st, the City had spent $101,000.00 less on snow removal than had been budgeted.

However, that doesn't mean that the City can go on a spending spree. City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that it may not actually mean that the City will have a surplus. With all of the uncertainties surrounding municipal financing at this time, it won't be known until later in the fiscal year exactly what shape the budget will be in. The City has had to absorb many additional expenses during the Pandemic, but much of that money has been reimbursed by the State. City officials are still working on the numbers, as they prepare for the drafting of next year's budget.

In any event, this comes as good news at a time when good news is seriously lacking.

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