(Tuesday - March 02, 2021) - The very popular dog park at Iron Mountain's City Park is closed today, and must remain closed until the mud problem subsides.

The main problem is the parking lot. As the popularity of the park has increased, wear and tear on the parking lot is creating a muddy mess. There are also ice problems inside the dog park fence itself, presenting possible hazards to park users.

City officials said that they are aware that there are many individuals who use the park every day, and they are working on a solution. One possible solution would be the installation of a layer of "pea gravel" over the muddy parking lot. This is being explored by the "Friends of the Park."

City Manager Jordan Stanchina told Dickinson County News this (Tuesday) morning that the park is closed as of today. He said it will be reopened as soon as conditions permit. Scott Thomas, Superintendent of the City's Public Works department, will be monitoring the situation and will keep Manager Stanchina advised of any changes.

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