(Tuesday - March 02, 2021) - The Iron Mountain City Council will hold a public hearing at its March 15th meeting, to obtain public input on the proposed expansion of the Pewabic Hill Bike Trail system.

Proponents of the plan, the Dickinson Trail Association, have submitted a detailed plan to the City Council (attached below), as they work toward obtaining a grant from the Natural Resources Trust Fund, to fund the project.

The total project cost is estimated to be in excess of $300,000, with about a quarter of that amount being the responsibility of the local sponsoring unit.  The local share can come in the form of cash, or in kind labor and materials.

The project, as planned, would expand and connect the existing trail system, which has been installed on City-owned land on Pewabic Hill, to other trail systems within the region, including the Iron Belle Trail System and the Fumee Lake Trails, via Margaret Street.

Questioned regarding the use of Margaret Street as park of the network, City Manager Jordan Stanchina pointed out that any other route would require obtaining easements from a variety of private property owners.

The March 15th Council Meeting will begin at 6:00 PM, and public participating is invited.

Below is the Pewabic Hill Trail plan submitted to the Council: 


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