(Friday - February 26, 2021) - It's been several weeks since Dickinson County Memorial has had a Covid-19 patient, a sure sign that the effects of the virus are waning in Dickinson County.

It's been a long haul for local health care workers, as Covid dominated the local health care system for nearly a year. A total of 55 Dickinson County deaths were attributed to the Covid infection during the past year. As of today's MDHHS report, there are still 14 deaths awaiting determination in the County.

Vaccination program proceeding well.

Sue Hadley, representing the hospital's Covid Response Team, told the hospital Board of Trustees at its Thursday meeting, that the vaccination program is proceeding well. Hadley said that a total of 2,848 vaccines, (first and second doses), have been delivered by the health care system. Working in conjunction with the health department and other clinics, a total of 6992 doses of the vaccine have been administered.

Hadley told the board, " I think that it's been really great for Dickinson and iron, counties, and that rollout has really been smooth. The hospital and the county both were very diligent in first and second dose monitoring, so we were very accurate so that was really great."

The Dickinson-Iron District Health Department (DIDHD) is currently accepting appointments for COVID vaccinations for those individuals that fall within Phase 1B Priority One and Two groups.

Phase 1B Priority One group consists of those residents 65 years of age or above.

Phase 1B priority Two group consists of first responders, educators, corrections staff and child protective service workers.


Scheduling will began on Wednesday, February 24th. Individuals may schedule their own appointments by visiting the health department's website at: www.didhd.org. Individuals who do not have computer access, may call 906-774-1868 to schedule.


Scheduling will began on Tuesday, February 23. Again, individuals may schedule their own appointments at: www.didhd.org. Individuals who do not have computer access may call 906-265-9913 to schedule.

Mass clinics will be scheduled at the following off-site locations to allow for better social distancing:

Dickinson County: At the Dickinson County Fairgrounds near Norway. The clinic will be held in the yellow administration building, located near the entrance across from Marion Park and the Oak Crest Golf Course.

Iron County: At the Forest Park School. The clinic will be held at the entrance near the parking lot by the bus garage.

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