(Thursday - February 25, 2021) - The Dickinson County Healthcare System has made a remarkable comeback, after nearly facing bankruptcy just two years ago.

According to information released at the Thursday meeting of the hospital's Board of Trustees, the hospital ended 2020 with operating revenue of 3.7 million dollars. Despite all of the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the hospital has been able to maintain a solid cash flow. The month of December closed with operating revenue of 21 thousand dollars.

The hospital has also been able to reduce its outstanding pension and retirement obligations by nearly 50%, eliminating a portion of its long-term debt.

As of the end of December, the hospital had 84 days of operating cash on hand.

Officials are still awaiting word on the fate of the 27 million dollar loan application to the USDA Rural Development Fund. That loan, if approved, would allow the hospital to save a considerable amount on interest, by consolidating current debt. It would also provide funds for necessary capital upgrades and maintenance.

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