(Wednesday - February 10, 2021) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners has declined any official Board involvement in the Keystone pipeline controversy, while leaving the option open for individual Commissioners to do so should they wish.

The matter came before the Board during it's meeting on Monday, in a proposal submitted by Commissioner Joe Stevens (R-Dist 1). Stevens first brought the matter before the Board in January, but succeeded in getting it on the Board's agenda for the Monday meeting.

It was Stevens' hope was to get the Board to officially adopt his letter, which calls upon Michigan's two Senators and members of Congress to appeal to President Biden to reverse his decision, which put a halt to the pipeline construction. Stevens was supported by Commissioner Barbara Kramer (R-Dist 3), who emphasized the loss of jobs created by the pipeline project cancellation.

Commissioner John P. Degenaer. Jr. (D-Dist 5) objected to any involvement by the Board in a National issue. Board Chair, Henry Wender (R-Dist 4) also appeared less than enthusiastic about board involvement, resulting in the matter dying before ever coming to a vote. However, Stevens indicated that he will proceed with the letter on his own. Commissioner Kramer indicated that she intends to join him in signing the letter.

While Stevens said repeatedly that his concern is the Nation's energy supply, it should be noted that the Keystone pipeline will serve to export Canadian crude, shipping it across the U.S. from Calgary, Canada, to Texas. This crude is intended primarily for export, and has little if anything to do with domestic energy supplies.

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