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At the Dickinson County Healthcare System (DCH) Hospital Board of Trustees Meeting, held Thursday, January 28, 2021, the Board welcomed two new Trustees, Paul Bujold and Alyssa Hartwig.

The Board:
- unanimously voted Margaret Minerick as the Board Chairperson for 2021;
- unanimously voted David Holmes as Board Vice-chairperson for 2021;
- unanimously voted Dr. John To as Board Secretary for 2021.

The Board approved the financial report for November, 2020. DCH Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Donahue reported the November financials were delayed due to an IT Security Incident that affected both October and November data. DCH had a loss for the month due primarily to the IT Incident and is seeking insurance coverage for the loss. DCH ended the month with 86 days cash on hand.

The Board unanimously approved the 2021 budget. DCH Finance Committee Chairman,
Kim VanOsdol commended the Financial Team for the great job they did in preparing the budget. The budget lists an operating margin of 2% for the year and a Capital Budget of $2.8 million to be funded out of operations.

The Board unanimously approved the lowest competitive bidder, Miron Construction as
contracting firm on the Emergency Department (ED) renovation project with the bid of $918,859.00 including three phases to be completed in a 6 month timeline, using 70% of local participation on the project. Three sealed competitive bids were received and opened publicly detailing each bid. The Finance Committee reviewed the bids and selected Miron based on cost, time to complete the project, and percent of local participation on the project. The ED renovation will improve infection control potential, increase patient privacy, and afford greater patient ease and access to services.

The Board approved the employment agreements of:
- Dr. Charles Keoleian, for the provision of Urology services;
- Dr. Jack Sproul, for the provision of Orthopedic services.

Dickinson County Hospital Foundation Director, Tamara Juul,
reported the funding of
the Lobby Renovation project is completed. She also reported that the lobby has gone through an amazing transformation and the patient feedback has been nothing but positive. The Foundation also funded the purchase of the COVID-19 vaccine freezer that was instrumental in providing safe storage of the vaccine in our community. Finally, the New Gift Shop inside the hospital main lobby is open for business, so please stop in if you are visiting the hospital. "The Hospital Foundation is glad be a part of our community healthcare initiatives."

Sue Hadley, DCH VP Clinical Services and Population Health shared a COVID-19 update:
- Good news, for the first time in a long while DCH had no COVID positive patients or Persons Under Investigation (PUI) admitted to the hospital;
- In a collaborative effort with our local Health Department, all vaccine doses that were allocated to DCH were either administered or are scheduled to be administered to DCH patients;
- A reassurance to all DCH patients who received a first dose of the vaccine, DCH did reserve just enough supply from the allocated doses received to administer the required second dose.

DCH President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chuck Nelson shared the following

- DCH is confident and excited about what we see ahead of us in 2021;
- Mr. Nelson expressed his deepest gratitude to the staff for being able to work through a serious Cyber event, the COVID-19 pandemic, and now managing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Great effort continues as the vaccine is rolled out into our community. We ask our community members to please be patient as we wait for delivery of more doses of the vaccine;
- DCH has been assured that our USDA loan application is sitting on someone's desk in D.C. and we look forward to hearing some positive news about the loan within the next couple of weeks;
- Two important technological advancements are scheduled at DCH:
1. A new clinic based Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) will improve patient accessibility to providers, enhanced scheduling, and more easily accessible health related data. The program will go live May, 2021;
2. A new Time & Attendance program will improve payroll processes and increase efficiencies. Scheduled to be implemented throughout the organization July, 2021.
- DCH is excited about being the Title Sponsor of the 2021 Continental Cup. DCH looks forward to providing support on many levels to this great community event.  Although the cancellation of the 2021 event was not a big surprise to anyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we move forward you will see DCH embrace this event and support it in ways that we can all be very proud of;
- "DCH has put 2020 behind us and is looking forward to the opportunities in front
of us in 2021!"

The DCHS Hospital Board of Trustees Chairwoman, Margaret Minerick concluded the meeting by thanking the entire DCH staff for their excellent work in delivering so many positive items at a time where it would have been easy to let things slip away, "Great work!" She also welcomed the new Board of Trustee Members and thanked former Board Members, Dave Brisson and Jeff Campbell for their service and hard work that helped bring DCH to where it is today. "I look forward to great things in DCH's future!"

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