(Monday - February 01, 2021) - "The Downtown Development Authority ahs made the difficult decision to cancel Brew Fest for 2021."

That, according to a report that Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina will present to the City Council on Monday. The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic is the obvious reason for the cancellation.

Stanchina said that there are still too many unknowns to hold the event; unknowns for vendors and volunteers. Also unknown at this time is: What size crowd size restrictions might still be in effect in June, when the event is traditionally held.

The Manager says that the "hope and goal are still to have Italian Fest and Oktoberfest, which are held later in the year." Stanchina said that the additional time should provide more clarity on whether it will be feasible to hold a large outdoor festival.

Brew Fest is a fundraising event for the Downtown Development Authority, a non-profit agency of the City of Iron Mountain. All funds raised at these events contribute to the development and improvement of the downtown area.

(Photo above from 2019 Brew Fest)

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