(Monday - January 25, 2021) - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is awarding a state Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) Category F grant of $375,000 to the Dickinson County Road Commission (DCRC).

Announcement of the grant was made today by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, in conjunction with the Department of Transportation.

E. Breitung Avenue, also known as Breitung Cut-Off Road, is a major east-west route in southwest Dickinson County. The road serves as a bypass of Iron Mountain for vehicles traveling between US-2 and the city of Kingsford and provides connections to US-141 and M-95. The pavement is in poor condition and the roadway is nearing the end of its useful life.

To address the issue, the DCRC will rebuild E. Breitung Avenue from 400 feet east of Hydraulic Falls Road to 1,600 feet west of US-141. Additional work includes culvert replacement and the installation of new guardrail to improve safety.

The total cost of the project is $590,000, with $375,000 in Category F funds and $215,000 in matching funds from the DCRC.

Enacted in 1987 and reauthorized in 1993, the TEDF helps finance highway, road and street projects that are critical to the movement of people and products, and getting workers to their jobs, materials to growers and manufacturers, and finished goods to consumers. TEDF "Category F" or "Urban Areas in Rural Counties" grants provide state funding for public roadway improvements that create system continuity with the secondary all-season road system.

Category F grants provide funding for projects that include improving access to the state all-season system or improving safety and all-season capabilities on routes having high commercial traffic. Eligible road agencies include county road commissions, cities and villages. More information about the program is available online at www.Michigan.gov/TEDF.

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