(Monday - January 18, 2021) - As there appears to be a growing movement in the Country toward more eco-friendly, so-called "green burials," the City of Iron Mountain is looking into the possibility of providing this option at Cemetery park.

Green burials, as they are called, skip all of the traditional pre-burial ceremony and preparation. Burials are made without the traditional concrete vault and casket, with the body being placed directly into the ground.

To maintain a park-like appearance, no above ground grave markers are permitted.

City Manager Jordan Stanchina said they are looking into what area or areas of Cemetery Park might be suited to this type of burial. He said this may give the City an opportunity to use some spaces within the park for green burials, that are not suited for traditional burials.

The Manager said it's impossible to predict what level of demand there might be for this service. He cited the City of Marquette, where 250 green burial plots were laid out. Thus far, after 18 months, only one has been used.

Stanchina said there are other problems that need to be worked out, such as how to track the exact location of grave sites, and who will handle the opening of the grave.

No timetable has been set for action on the proposal. Stanchina said it won't matter till Spring anyway, since opening any grave at this time of year is extremely difficult.


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