(Monday - January 04, 2021) - After the Covid-19 Pandemic forced the cancellation of the Gus Macker event scheduled for Iron Mountain last year, City officials pledged to try again this year. Covid permitting, that will happen in July. The event appears on the agenda for tonight's (Monday) meeting of the Iron Mountain City Council.

The Council is expected to approve the street closures that will be necessary in order to carry out the event, which has the potential to involve thousands of participants. If all goes as hoped, the event will take place on the weekend of July 17th and 18th.

The number of streets ultimately closed will depend on how many teams participate. At a minimum the following streets will need to be closed.

Carpenter Aveniue from Ludington Street to West A Street, and from West A Street to West B Street.
Hughitt Street from Merrit Avenue to Stockbridge Avenue.
Prospect Avenue from Ludington Street to the South property line of Central School.

If there are more than 360 teams, additional street closures will be necessary as follows:
Carpenter Avenue from West B Street to West C Street.
West B Street from Prospect Avenue to Kingsley North.

If there are more than 600 teams, the closure of the downtown parking lot between the 100 Block of East A Street and East Hughitt Street will be necessary.

Since the total closures necessary at this time are unknown, the City Manager is recommending that the Council approve the closures based on the number of teams that register to play.

Those who are going to require lodging during the tournament are encouraged to get their reservations in early, as housing may be tight.  For motels, etc., do an online search for:

dickinson county michigan lodging

Those who may wish to camp at the Lake Antoine campground can make their reservations by visiting this link:



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