(Iron Mountain - December 28, 2017) - The Dickinson County Board of Commissioners ended the year on somewhat of a high note at their final meeting on Tuesday evening.

Reaction to the latest reports on the status of the Ford Airport set the mood, with all-time records being broken. Boarding's for 2017 may exceed 18,000, a figure which "we never thought possible ten or even five years ago," according to Commissioner Joe Stevens. (R-Dist 1)

Despite ever increasing budgetary pressures, the County will enter the new year with a balanced budget. Commissioner Stevens congratulated County Controller Brian Bousley for the hard work that he has done on the budget, saying: "I'm very happy to see you sitting where you are."  Bousley came on board at the end of 2016, and is just completing his first full year in the Controller's position.

Stevens also offered his congratulations to Dickinson County District Judge Christopher Ninomya, who was recently appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to fill the vacancy in the Circuit Court, created by the mid-term retirement of Judge Richard Celello.

Commissioner Ann Martin (R-Dist 2) said that she wanted to publicly commend Dickinson County Equalization Director Sid Bray for the work he does in making very complex figures available to the board in a way they can understand. Bray periodically issues reports to the board on the impact of the State Tax Tribunal rulings on County finances, information which is vital to the board. Martin said, "We're lucky to have Sid in that position," a comment which drew applause from the Board.

This being the final meeting of 2017, the Board will hold it's reorganizational meeting on Wednesday, January 3, at 11:00 AM in the conference room of the Dickinson County Correctional Center. There has been no indication that major changes are likely in the structure of the board. It appears unlikely that anyone will challenge Board Chairman Henry Wender for his position. However, Wender has given no indication either way as to whether he wishes to remain in that position.

The organizational meeting is open to the public.